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The island nation of Sri Lanka, which means “blessed land”, is a real tourist paradise in the middle of the Indian Ocean, where guests can enjoy excellent resorts and endless golden beaches, lush green rain forests and the mysterious ancient city lost in the jungle. Until 1972, the country was known as a Ceylon. Due to its favorable location at the crossroads of major sea routes, Sri Lanka has been an important hub connecting the Western and South-East Asia.

Since ancient times, Sri Lanka was the center of Buddhism in the island with its numerous unique cultural and historical monuments. Most are located in the Golden Triangle of Sri Lanka, which includes cities such as Dambulla, Sigiriya and Kandy. The country colonization by the Portuguese, the Dutch and later the British has left its mark in the culture of the island. Currently the islands population is over 21 million people.

So what do discerning travelers associate the phrase “holiday in Sri Lanka’’ with?
Of course, with the beach. Beaches of Sri Lanka are a very special topic. Bentota Argugam Bay, Negombo and Hikkaduwa – these exotic names sound like a music in the hearts of those for whom holidays in Sri Lanka were connected to the beach. Where else to find genuine hospitality, modern services and pristine nature which will satisfy the taste of any traveler?

Sri Lanka is an island where the wealth of nature can compete only with the brightest monuments of history, and, in contrast to the giant neighbor to the north, India; all the major sights are within easy reach.
Premier Destinations can assure that all our travelers will carry back a truly PREMIER and authentic journey experience of the island, where beyond is just a beginning.

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