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The Maldives is an independent republic (former sultanate), located in the Indian Ocean. Maldives is an archipelago of 198 communities and 991 uninhabited islands, incorporated in 26 natural atolls.
Most sources give different answers to the question – “How many islands are there in the Maldives?” The government publications give us a figure of 1190. Maldivians insist on the fact that there are 2000 islands, and accept any lower figures as an insult.

In fact, in the Maldives, there are about 2000 islands, but excluding devoid of vegetation and sandy beaches; the numbers will drop to 1,200.

Palm fringed coral islands with white sand beaches, crystal clear warm waters, turquoise lagoons, magnificent coral reefs and exotic marine life, like thousands of years ago – this is Maldives. Maldives is a perfect example of how people can live in harmony with nature without destroying it, and only carefully adding to this beauty a high level of comfort, familiar and almost imperceptible.

Suitable for any style of travel experience: romantic getaway, family vacation or active diving; Premier Destinations offers a truly PREMIER variety of resorts and activities in the archipelago yet to be explored.

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